Bringing Client and Candidate Together

The definition of "Consultancy" is to seek council, advice or information.
VALIA Recruitment Solutions Limited have gone one step further by offering an unrivalled
tailor made service based upon your business needs. We appreciate the importance of
successful partnerships and by building long-term relationships, we aim to provide skilled,
business critical people within your timescales.


All we ask is an opportunity to prove ourselves to you.

Initial Requirements

From the very start of your recruitment campaign, we ensure that your dedicated Consultant spends
time with you in assessing your needs and the needs of the business. This discussion not only
includes technical skills but also cultural and business fit, an aspect that is all too easily overlooked
in the industry today, which is vital for the stability of your team. You will only have one point of
contact throughout the whole process, a feature of our service that we know is well received. <Top>

Search and Selection

Although we use the very latest and most successful advertising media, you will appreciate
that not all best skilled individuals may be actively looking for new opportunities.
Our Consultants will use their industry and candidate knowledge to network and provide
suitable solutions which may not normally be available to you. <Top>

Candidate Screening

Building upon the initial requirement stage, each candidate that is recognised as a potential solution
for your organisation undergoes a thorough qualification process with one of our dedicated Consultants.
Only then after all criteria has been assessed and evaluated will a short list of the most suitable
candidates be sent to you.

Confidential details will include the candidates background and present situation, together with supporting
information relating to salary expectations and notice periods.

Time is precious to all concerned, and you should feel confident that the candidates selected for
submission have been done so to save you time, expense and labour hours. It is therefore important to
remember that you are paying for our service, so let us work hard for it. <Top>

Management of Interview Process

This is one of the most important parts of the whole recruitment lifecycle. In order to make the interview
process a success, it is imperative to ascertain any procedures, technical assessments and number
of interview stages that are to be undertaken.

We appreciate that a 'keen' applicant should be able to attend an interview at short notice, but it is
important to work hand-in-hand to make sure that candidates do not jeopardise their own current
employment status. We will liaise with all parties concerned to establish the most convenient interview
times and dates. It is also important to remember that you may not be the only company looking to take on
this individual's skills, and therefore feedback turn-around is equally as important. <Top>

Candidate Management

It is important to recognise that when job offers are made to successful candidates, procedures are set
in place before the applicants start date to ensure that total commitment is given to your company.
We all have experienced, from both sides of the recruitment process, situations that arise relating to counter-offers,
relocation issues and aggressive / desperate agencies placing negative thoughts about your company into
candidates minds in order to hold out for their own vacancies.

Our Consultants are trained extensively to handle any objections that may be thrown at them
before they even take place. This assures you, as the client, that you only receive applications from
candidates who are genuinely interested in making long-term career moves. <Top>

Client Visits

Building a long-term business partnership is at the very heart of our culture and to aid this process,
our Consultants are more than happy to arrange client visits to your offices to assist in our understanding
of your current and future requirements, business practices and culture fit. We have found that meeting
face-to-face with clients, can add significant value to developing the long-term working partnership.
Obviously this service in not forced upon you, and will only be arranged if the benefits to both parties can be realised. <Top>

Post Recruitment Service

Having established a successful partnership, we have found that clients tend to lose contact with a large
number of agencies, who seem to adopt the "one-hit scenario". Our experience can not only can be used to
solve your recruitment needs, but also to offer information such as market/regional trends, variances and
candidate availability. We are happy to provide this complementary service to speculative clients as
well as established business partners. <Top>

As a result, our clients and candidates are now sharing in our success - NOW IT'S YOUR TURN .
The only way we can reassure you that VALIA Recruitment Solutions Limited are different,
is by allowing us to prove ourselves to you.

Call today on 0800 731 1115
Call today on 0800 731 1115

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